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Our Events Are Organized by the Emerging Leaders Summit Team as Part of Four Rivers Community's Youth Pillar.

We serve the poorest county in Oregon per capita and at-risk youth in the entirety of the Western Treasure Valley. We believe that our future leaders can be uplifted through connection, education, and inspiration. As new opportunities and challenges have arisen, we have likewise risen to the challenge. 

To contact us please email

To learn more about Four Rivers Healthy Community, visit

Emerging Leaders Summit Steering Committee Team
Chase Van Weerdhuizen - Steering Committee Chair
Barb Higinbotham
Lynsey Hansen
Jane Padgett
Nella Redman
Sara Runnels
Cathy Yasuda
Our Sponsors and supporters (2020-2021)
Community in Action
Malheur County Juvenile Department
Oregon Community Foundation - Latino Partnership Program Fund
Four Rivers Healthy Community
Malheur Federal Credit Union
Oregon Department of Human Services
Treasure Valley Community College
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