Emerging Leaders Summit 2020 - Postponed Until 2021

May 8, 2020

To our community and regular participants,

It is with the great deliberation and discernment of our leadership team, that the decision was made to reschedule this year’s Emerging Leaders Summit to a more appropriate date in Fall 2021.

When considering this decision, the major factor was the uncertain world that we are living in. As the representative for our chosen speaker was reaching out to secure the date, it became clear we did not have enough information to make concrete decisions with enough time to execute them properly. As timelines keep changing based on the latest research regarding Covid-19, we are uncertain if such a large scale event will be possible in October. We are also aware of the sheer volume of important academic events that are being rescheduled for all schools in our region.

Financially, the event has been able to exist thus far due to the unbelievable generosity of our local businesses and service organizations. Already we know their budgets have been stretched thin and we cannot expect the same level of support as their present economic concerns weigh heavily upon them.

We are hoping that this year provides a reinvigorating period for our team where we can reevaluate the event, come up with innovative ideas for the future, and consider what regulations/precautions will be necessary for its success in the future. Our new date will be determined once we have more information and can coordinate our venue with the Treasure Valley Community College Athletics Department in Spring 2021.

Our leadership team thanks you for your unending support of this event. As always I am here to help answer questions and provide insights for your benefit.

Health and safety to you all on behalf of the Emerging Leaders Summit leadership team,

Chase Van Weerdhuizen

Mailing Address: PO Box 589, New Plymouth, ID 83655

Email: cvanweerdhuizen@gmail.com

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